100 Things to Do Scratch Off Bucket List


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100 Things to Do Scratch Off Bucket List Discover a Bucket List of experiences and challenges that works like a Giant scratch-card! This list of 100 Things To Do is here to help you get the most out of life. Explore, learn and grow as you challenge yourself to move outside your comfort zone. Scratch off the foil each time you complete an experience and reveal the tribute illustration as a reminder of what you have just achieved.Examples of what lies ahead (or perhaps you have already achieved some): Sing to an Audience, Live in a Different Country, Haggle in a Bazaar, Be in Two Countries at the Same Time, Go to a Concert ….So whether you consider yourself an experienced traveller, or you want to aim for a better life, the Scratch Off Bucket List is the perfect present for both young and old, birthdays, anniversaries, leaving and wedding presents and more.How many can you tick/scratch off already?Poster Size (Height, Width):L60, L42 cms approxPackaging:Gift boxedExtra Information:Scratch off every time you complete a challenge on the listUnique gift for any go getter!