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Anti Snoring Kit – No More Snores!Christmas should be a time of ‘Silent Nights’ where ‘All is Calm’ and ‘All is Bright’, but try telling that to a snoring dad during the festive season.But fear not peaceful sleepers, help is at hand with our very scientifical Anti-Snoring Kit, a miniature gift pack of wheeze-relieving goodies for those who keep you up at night.Complete with a nose clip for them and some trusty ear plugs for you, we think this little wonder makes a perfect present for an overworked mum who needs a little shut eye before Santa arrives. It’s also a jolly funny Secret Santa present for under five pounds. Not bad if you suspect one of your coworkers is something of a Snore-o-Saurus. Quite a mischevious little present even if we say so ourselves!Size:6 x 3 cm approx.Extra Information: Fun Secret Santa gift! Contains ear plugs & nose clip