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Bag for LifeThe Present Finder’s very own bag for life is the perfect environmentally friendly, reusable shopping bag. Only three decades have passed since the flimsy carrier was introduced to the world, but it will be another millennium before the first of these has degraded in it’s landfill site. Now more than ever is the time to pick up a Bag for Life to take shopping, to save yourself from the pesky 5p cost, and banish harmful plastic bags once and for all. Strong, sturdy and stylish, our bags are made from recycled polypropylene, with a roomy design and two robust handles. Shopping, work bag, book bag, storage, and even delivering presents! The possibilities of how you will use your Bag for Life are endless! Product Details:Size (Width, Height, Depth):W42, H45, D11.5 cms (W16.5, H17.5, D4.5 inches) approx.Materials:Recycled Polypropylene.