Fart Extinguisher


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Fart ExtinguisherFart Extinguisher (ex·tin·guish·er)A portable device that discharges a fresh, clean fragrance extinguishing the foul smell of a Fart.Every home should have at least one but, for complete safety, keep one in every room.The novelty Fart Extinguisher is a fire extinguisher shaped can of air freshener, which sprays a fresh garden fragrance and is perfect for clearing the air of nasty smells.Directions for use:Twist collar to unlock.Hold upright.Stand at safe distance.Aim at the centre of the fart.Squeeze lever, sweeping side to side until fart is under control.Product Details:Bottle Size & Volume:H15 cms (H6 inches). 100ml (3.5floz)Extra Information:Realistic looking mini extinguisher bottle.The perfect novelty present or stocking fillerKeep yourself safe, never have to suffer a fart again!.